Use WhatsApp CRM to Increase Business Profits Ten Times for Free

As a business, you must have heard of CRM tools more or less in daily transactions; As a mobile phone user, you probably know WhatsApp, a communication App, which is frequently appears in your daily life. This article will analyze in detail how to integrate the two applications in series to improve work efficiency and how to use WhatsApp CRM to increase business profits ten times for free.

What is Traditional CRM?

Have you ever received an order confirmation message from an e-commerce platform? Have you received any subsequent holiday activity notices from the store after a deal? Have you ever received the express information after placing an order?

Additionally, have you received the express evaluation or welcome for the next order e-mail from the express platform after signing? Have you ever made an appointment for a hotel or massage service by telephone, a telephone reminder from the merchant before the appointment date, and received a scoring call after the end?

If you recall these scenarios, in fact, the various modes I mentioned above all belong to traditional CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Businesses uniformly manage users’ orders through telephone, SMS and e-mail, and then make appointment reminders, repurchase reminders and holiday discount activity reminders.

Through the above methods, we can constantly awaken the brand memory of new and old customers, improve the repurchase rate and brand influence. Meanwhile they collect the service quality score through follow-up, so as to continuously improve our service level.

How Does Traditional Customers Management Works?

Jam is a real estate agent. His personal performance accounts for 17% of the total of 20 personal performance of the entire regional sales team, and he has won the sales champion for several times. His business ability is excellent which made him well known in the whole industry of the city.

As a result, his neighboring peers poached him with a 1.5-fold bonus rate and twice the base salary. This is not the worst, due to the loopholes of traditional customer marketing method, he took away thousands of historical customers and potential customers, as well as the customer network behind them, which brought great losses to the entire business department.

The reason is that all customer information is hold by each employee. They are communicated and maintained one-on-one through telephone. Although the company got the records, all customer information is actually in the hands of each salesman.

Lily is a telephone saleswoman of SaaS products. The marketing department often gives her hundreds of leads from several enterprise activities routinely. Faced with stacks of customer leads each time, the only way is to clarify the corresponding company and contacts one by one. It is worth mentioning that activities leads are obviously lower value that the leads from website users – inbounds leads.

As the company’s business grew, the number of leads did increased at the same time, the number of telemarketing positions expanded from one person to three. However, over the past few months, the sales director found that although the cost of employment increased, everyone was overwhelmed by highly repetitive work, but the activities leads performance of telemarketing did not increase year-on-year.

We clearly know that, unlike inbound leads, activities leads are not of high value, but the amount is large. How should we deal with these redundant customer resources?

From the two cases above, we clearly see the 5 disadvantages of traditional CRM:

I. User personal information cannot be synchronized with the company in time
II. User information is strongly bound and associated with a single employee
III. High labor cost
IV. Content of working is too repetitive
V. In addition, there are: lack of data attribution, data funnel, data transformation, inability to meet customers’ individual needs, separation of sales and operation, security problems, etc.

What Happens after Using CRM Tools on Management?

By creating exactly the same stores, Apple sells their products and provides a space for people who like their products to talk and play. They encourage existing and new customers to become part of the community. Apple ID, a real CRM, users create an Apple ID synchronized with other devices, remember users selection, and make suggestions according to the content and frequency of play/ viewing.

The ID database provides Apple with the latest and evolving data set about all its customers and their preferences, recording all users’ usage habits. In this way, they can effectively carry out marketing without putting too much effort into it. We clearly see the importance and benefits of such solutions.

KFC signed an agreement with the cloud to deploy free WiFi in 548 restaurants in the UK to attract more customers. In store WiFi access to the website requires user registration, this information is stored and used to send special offers and promotions to clients. In addition to registration, they have also introduced loyalty applications to better leverage their CRM systems.

KFC Colonel Club: customers download applications and register their accounts. Through the app, they can enjoy special promotional activities and accumulate points through each order. The application tracks the customer’s location and helps you find the nearest store. It also offers location-based discounts and promotions.

As the application tracking customers’ shopping habits, KFC launches personalized marketing campaigns. You may think that these case studies with CRM examples may conflict with users’ privacy, but these customers who access the service have already accepted the privacy terms on the App.

As a global brand with large-scale marketing activities, it is very important for McDonald’s to start segmenting marketing and ensure that it gets the maximum benefit from every potential customer and every customer returning to the store. To this end, McDonald’s has launched specific applications for each region it operates; Consumer downloads mobile apps to any smartphone. It provides data on how often they visit the restaurant and what they are buying.

McDonald’s use this data to launch promotional activities and send personalized loyalty rewards to users’ smartphones. For companies like McDonald’s and Coca Cola that have extensive global influence, CRM is essential. Coca Cola Enterprises uses multiple CRM systems (such as Salesforce and Sugar) to manage sales, marketing and customers in various regions.

It should be emphasized that CRM is not only applicable to large companies; Even SMBs and freelancers could and should benefit from the CRM system. The benefits include:
I. Better customer service
II. Increase sales
III. Improve customer retention
IV. Detailed analysis
V. Higher productivity and efficiency
VI. Centralized information database
VII. Management communication with potential customers
VIII. Customer segmentation management
IX. Automated sales reporting
X. Simplify internal communication

What is WhatsApp CRM? Why WhatsApp?

The change is visible to the eye. From the earliest face-to-face customer service, letters, to telephone conversations, SMS and e-mail, with the full popularity of Internet services and smart phones, online social channels have gradually been integrated into our lives. As a convenient, fast and comprehensive communication app, WhatsApp has become the newest and the best choice for many businesses. WhatsApp is the world’s largest social chat software.

Its main markets are including Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, Africa, etc. it also holds a large market share in North America and Australia. In addition to some countries and regions in East Asia occupied by Wechat/QQ/line and other minority apps, WhatsApp is the social chat tool in many countries with the main share.

At the same time, using WhatsApp CRM will significantly improve customer management efficiency, reduce processing delay, reduce customer churn, and reduce employment costs. It’s no joke to say that if you use the right method, you can even achieve zero processing delay, zero employment cost, 100% customer tracking, and more than five times of customer conversion.

What Are the Advantages of Soletstalkapp Comparing with the Other Tools?

Through the comparison of the above cases, it is not difficult for us to find that a suitable CRM tool with a suitable user promotion platform, which will double the benefits of the enterprise. If you have ever heard of social CRM, WhatsApp CRM will certainly be familiar to you.

However, even if you have applied for a WhatsApp enterprise account, and your company has developed relevant processes, or used some CRM tools, you will still receive some constraints in all aspects, it is still difficult to achieve automated and efficient management.

So I would like to share WAPlus CRM to you, which is developed with the WhatsApp platform. So what are the advantages of WAPlus over other CRM tools?
I. It is completely free. No cost is suitable for small teams, start-ups. But no matter how large your enterprise is, WAPlus could help you do WhatsApp CRM well.

II. Dashboard, detailed and comprehensive data statistics, comprehensive analysis of management cost and management effect from multiple perspectives.

III. Reminder function, prompt potential customers and missing customers without omitting any business opportunities.

IV. WhatsApp Connected. Plug in and web version are both supported, there is always one that can meet your needs. Chrome or Edge Add-ons are directly embed the web version of WhatsApp. If you use the web client, click the button to jump to WhatsApp, so as to avoid switching back and forth between pages and programs.

V. Gadget support. In addition to user management, there are a variety of gadgets, such as group link scrap, bulk message sender, privacy sending, incognito mode, helping promotions of WhatsApp.

VI. Other detailed description of WAPlus:

Conversation management: In order not to lose track of any WhatsApp conversations from buyers. Use chat filters to quickly find important status messages, such as unread, awaiting reply, needs reply, and auto replied.
Auto reply: Just use the code-free method to create your own auto-reply WhatsApp bot in three steps. Support personalized message customization, rich advanced trigger rules, and automatic follow-up operations.
Quick reply: Make it easier to reply to messages by avoiding sending the same message repeatedly.
Add notes to chats: Use notes to record the entire sales process of potential customers, so that you can understand the full range of customer information and formulate more targeted marketing plans.
Reminders: Set follow-up reminders to never let you miss a follow up.
Start chat with non-contacts: Break through the limitations of WhatsApp, initiate chats with non-contacts, and use WhatsApp to improve customer follow-up efficiency.
Status for WhatsApp: Check WhatsApp numbers and online status- check WhatsApp online status of your contacts, protect your privacy by hiding your online status on WhatsApp web, hiding typing status & audio message play status.

At the end

The impact of COVID-19 on us is far more than pain, the loss to business is immeasurable. People are always moving forward through experience, many enterprises realize that innovative customer service tools can bring more removal, so WhatsApp CRM is becoming more and more popular. It has become an efficient, effective, simple and convenient tool for customer relationship management.




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